Top 3rd biggest dry fruit suppliers in Europe.

Over 30 years of experience.

Traditional manually harvested fruits. No Robotics.

Our Goal & mission

Our Journey began 30 years ago and just has started...

Our delicious fruits grow on over 20 years old trees and ripe under the Turkish sun, just before they are hand plugged.

Once arrived at our facilities (which are right next door), we examine every single fruit in a dark room and eliminate mycotoxins. Through the final control conveyor, all our fruits are 100% sanitized, and this without any chemicals.

We eliminate any potential of contamination as well as dangers of any physical, chemical, or microbiologic origin during the stages of growth, harvesting, shipment, storage, processing, and distribution of any product.

This is the secret why our organic dry fruits stay fresh for so long because they are clean from all contaminants once they leave our facilities.

We are certified by ISO and HACCP. Our company laboratories are dedicated to detecting such kinds of risks threatening food safety and taking action accordingly.

Our goals: 

We are present in 9 countries already and seek to expand more into the western European market and also supply the U.S. with our delicious dry fruits and amaze more customers with our outstanding quality.




Once processed, the products are manually wrapped into primary packing. This packaging can be entrely determined by the customer.

After the final control, we will put everything into a second safety packaging for you. We want to make sure our dried fruits arrive so fresh, that you can even smell the warm Turkish sun.

We stand by what we say. And if we say that you can determine the looks of your packaging and presentation, we make it possible. 

Schedule a call with us and we will talk it trhough.

Fresh, clean, Crisp.

Hazal-Tarim is the home of the fresh and crisp dry fruits. And this for a reason:

All our fruits and also our dried tomatoes are double hand filtered under a 150 nm
(nano meter) UV light. This kills all molds, bacteria and viruses. 

This is one of the secrets why our products are of superior taste and texture.


Family Owned


Personal Service

Crisp & Fresh



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