Hazal is a producer and exporter of Figs, Apricots and sundried Tomatoes. With more than 15 years of experience we keep delivering the best quality dried products for our costumers throughout the entire year. Not only do we provide them with our best quality goods but also with great costumer care which is greatly appreciated.

Our Products


The figs are produced by ourselves and then dried and processed in our own factories. The figs that Hazal delivers are of the best quality, simply because we select our products very selectively.


Apricots are family of peaches. our apricots are all sundried, washed and machine-selected before being packaged by us. Like all our products, the apricots are also grown by us. After the peaches are picked and washed, we dry them en gros on large fields under the sun. After drying, they are washed, dried and checked in our factories before they can be packaged.


Our tomatoes are grown, dried and washed by us before they enter our factories. All our tomatoes are 100% organic and do not receive extra sulphates or phosphates after harvesting or during production. We also choose our tomatoes extra carefully so that our customers get the best quality tomatoes. Because we comply with several European rules, we also ensure that no chemicals and e-numbers are added unnecessarily.

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