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Sun Dried Figs

Our selection method is unique, the figs are grown under the natural sun and are dried without any chemicals.

To increase the quality of our dried figs we are selecting all of our goods by hand. After selecting the figs we wash and process them with our latest machinery.

From the fields to the factory our crops are getting checked twice for aflatoxins and good quality. The figs that come from our factory are all double-checked for bacteria, metal parts, and chemicals in our laboratory.

Our Safety Process

Our processing method is the main reason for our success in exporting dried figs in Western-Europe. Hazal Tarim has been producing sustainable and organic goods for over 30 years.

We process our dried fruits in a way that is sustainable and safe for both the land and the consumers.

Checking our figs requires expertise in this field of work, this is something we provide. Having multiple stages for checking on any impurities makes our quality higher.

We have a strict process when it comes to food safety, that is why we can ensure the best quality for our products.

We value our premium quality figs. This has made us a reliable and consistent partner when it comes to producing and exporting our goods globally.

Secret Of Success

Because of our wide assortment we are able to fit the needs of all of our clients. Our range in products allows us have the figs our clients require. 

Whether it is retail, wholesale or online, our packaging and product types will fit the needs of every single consumer on this market.

We believe that this is the reason why we export more than 1300 tons of figs yearly.

We are still updating our assortment based on what the customer wants from us and the latest trends. Our distributors vary from 1 man companies to multinationals, we offer tailor-made solutions and packaging for specific needs. 



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